This Blog Thing…..

I ‘ve been encouraged to start one for years and decided that, despite the time sponge, it could actually be both fun and stimulating. As of this writing, I have no agenda, no outline. I figure that this whole thing will morph into it’s own form and be as experimental as our own personal journeys.

Technical issues will be addressed as necessary, but the Web is full of those. I am hoping that esthetics will be more the essence of this adventure. How you got there is important but the final work as presented, should take precedence.

Comments, feedback, images, observations, thoughts, cordial rants , projects, discussions and questions are all invited. We’ll do our best to share and address as many as we can. All issues involving photography and art in general are invited as it relates to an existing thread or topic. Links or spam that appear out of nowhere will be sprayed with Spamocide. We don’t want that.

One last request….any exchanges should be respectful. Passion is one thing. Dignity is another. I’ve heard that some shooters tend to have huge, unexplainable egos. Those should be checked at the door. This place should be considered a community and anyone participating within this small world a friend of yours.

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