WKSHOPs_MeShootinHorse-600As to not dilute the experience, attendance is intentionally limited to smaller groups. One-on-one is not unheard of and inquiries are welcomed. Although craft and technique will certainly be addressed, the primary focus will be to discover and derive distinct images from what might seem ordinary to others and likely escape notice. You will gain new understanding of light, vision, composition and color. You will take chances and discover possibilities. Every attempt will be made to structure the workshops to a common experience level of the participants. Two things will be required however: an inquisitive and open mind and a reasonable knowledge of your gear. Studio and location situations will be explored, with the latter emphasized. That said, you should leave with a new perspective and a renewed enthusiasm for the potential that exists all around you. And, though a serious learning experience, you will also enjoy yourself.

Details will appear in our blog but if you have some interest, email the studio and we’ll gladly be in touch.